Peru: García wins

Originally this was a post about an exit poll, and it showed García ahead, but within the margin of error. Turns out the result is a wider lead for García than the poll projected–nearly ten points.

Has any president anywhere ever served two terms this many years apart? [YES: RAFAEL CALDERA IN VENEZUELA, 1969-73 AND 1994-98.] Peru had the previous distinction of being one of the few (only?) cases where the president who won the first post-authoritarian election was the same guy the military had overthrown (Fernando Belaúnde Terry), but those two terms were only about 12 years apart. García’s first term ended about sixteen years ago, with other elected presidents, as well as an authoritarian interlude, in between.

I will leave the original post intact below.

At 53-47, I suspect this is too close to be taken as a clear indicator. I would expect García to win, but if it is really this close, I would not be surprised if it turned out the other way. I would guess that Humala would be more likely to be under-sampled, but that is just that: a guess.

As I have said before, what a terrible choice the first round result presented to the 45% of first-round voters who voted for one of the other candidates then running.

0 thoughts on “Peru: García wins

  1. Yes, I’m not a big fan of second round elections. Bolivians are thinking of adopting it in the new constituent assembly … rather than the current constitutional provision for a parliamentary election of the executive (which I much prefer).

    Although the (as of this morning) official declaration that Garcia won will likely disappoint many who thought Humala would continue a “march to the left” in Latin America (or at least a march towards Chavez).

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