Scurrilous campaign mailing

There is certainly nothing new about scurrilous campaign mailings, but the one that we received yesterday from a candidate for the Republican nomination for state assembly* was among the worst I have seen recently.

The mailing asks, “Mexifornia… or California?” It shows an outline of the state of California superimposed with the colors and emblem of the Mexican flag. In turn, the entire thing is superimposed with the image of a family on the run, which anyone who has driven I-5 in the last decade or so has seen as a highway warning sign. Even the word, “caution” is included in the mailer’s image. Of course, the actual signs are meant to caution the driver that there could be pedestrians on the freeway, but the idea of “caution” in the mailing is rather, and not so subtly, different.

I will place a photo of the mailing on the “inside page.”


The item folds out, and on the inside it says “there is no green in the red, white, and blue” in apparent reference to the green in the Mexican flag (though I will admit I thought of environmentalism and then money before the Mexican flag dawned on me, the cover notwithstanding).

The inside was printed with lots of “I’ll get tough” messages.

None of this should be too much of a surprise. Several candidates for office in San Diego County in this election at all levels are openly basking in the endorsement of the Minutemen, an essentially fascist anti-immigrant movement.

* Notwithstanding that neither of us can vote for (or, as we would prefer, against) this candidate, because we are not registered with that party, and thus are not eligible to participate in the primary contest.

0 thoughts on “Scurrilous campaign mailing

  1. Reminds me of the political mailings I used to get that had the angry picture of then Assembly Speaker Willie Brown back when I lived in Orange County back in the ’80s. I knew where they were going with those mailings…..

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