The top 50 hoppenings

Valuable information here: The top 50 places in America to have a beer.

I have not been to their top 3, but I can’t argue about the Toronado (SF) being no worse than 4th, and Papago (Scottsdale) and O’Brien’s (just down the highway from Ladera Frutal) making the top 10!

But how could Liar’s Club be only no. 30 and Pizza Port (the Carlsbad version) only no. 40? Port Solana comes in at no. 50. Seems I have some research to do in order to validate.

Hard to complain about living in the same county with four of the top 50!

See also the top 50 craft brews in America. (I can’t even begin to accept their no. 1, even if it is very local.) Several SD county brews on the list. I’m always somewhat amazed when I think about it, but San Diego really is one of the four or five best metro areas in the USA for brewing!

Readers are more than welcome to chime in on the quality of locales and products on these lists.

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  1. I have been enjoying the local microbrew paradise here in SD County for quite sometime, but I never realized that our beers and bars ranked so high nationally. Although now I’m out in Mission Valley, I used to live right next door to the Liar’s Club on Sunset Ct. in Mission Beach and virtually lived in that place for two years….what a great bar! Anyhow, from a local perspective, I would have to recommend OGGI’s as well for their Black Magic Stout and more recently the Hop Juice. Both are great high octane brews worthy of national recognition! Also, I’m surprised that stone’s Imperial Russian is #1 on the list….although I agree its a great brew, I would have expected Double Bastard to take its place if a stone brew was to be in the top spot. Regardless, Stone Brewing certainly proves its worth with 6 beers in the top 50. In a related matter, I saw Oak Brewed Arrogant Bastard for sale in a six pack today for the first time. Quite Impressive, probably wont be long before Arrogant Bastard is commonplace nationwide. Finally, I was surprised to see that Victory Brewing’s Golden Monkey didn’t rank….that’s a damn good beer.


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