Is there any reason remaining not to impeach?

I can think of many reasons for impeachment, conviction, and once and for all, removal of this president and vice president. Most of those reasons center around the way they lied to get us into the Iraq debacle.

But now the administration’s claim that it was wiretapping only calls to/from foreign countries is unravelling, with the news that the government holds “the largest database ever assembled in the world“–on domestic telephone calls.

The depths to which this rogue administration has gone to violate civil liberties, the Constitution–and, from the very beginning, democracy itself–go far beyond anything I ever thought possible in this land.

Approval ratings–before this latest story–have fallen to the low 30s. People are catching on. Better late than never.

So, what, exactly, is the reason not to impeach?

h/t Steven.

0 thoughts on “Is there any reason remaining not to impeach?

  1. While I agree with impeachment, I do not agree with the reasons. The impeachable offense is his deliberate malfeasance and dereliction of his constitutional duty to protect the borders of this country. He has fogged the issues on Iraq intelligence and precedents for wiretaps, but there is no excuse for his border treason.


  2. That is the wonderful thing about the impeachment issue; like Doug Young, above, I may not agree with your reasons for impeachment (the lies that got us into Iraq), and further I may not agree with his (failure to protect our borders), but I could still support impeachment for the selling of public policy to the highest bidder, enriching cronies and leading to enormous national debt, enfeeblement of the nations military and the partial destruction of a major American city.

    Someone else might come along and think we’re all off base, but still support impeachment for using public funds to pay for political campaigns, including things like leaving Rove on the public dole when his sole responsibility is strategising for the coming elections (I’m assuming trying to dodge the perjury indictment is a hobby), close ties to various proven electioneering operations (e.g., all the calls between the White House and the phone jammers).

    And if anyone else comes, there’s a whole host of things they might feel more strongly about–and we aren’t just talking table scraps here. Paying for domestic propaganda, torture, secret prisons, lying to congress (and not just about a blow job), interfering with the capture of Bin Laden, using signing statements to subvert the will of congress, the list goes on and on.

    Impeachment truly is a Big Tent issue, something that could at last unite our country after years of pointless, petty, partisan bickering.

    — MarkusQ


  3. “Impeachment truly is a Big Tent issue, something that could at last unite our country after years of pointless, petty, partisan bickering.”


    I would sign on to almost any and all of your or Doug’s motives, because they all apply.


  4. More good news. *’s approval rating stands at 29 percent this morning, per a Harris poll. Let’s hope this abomination ends sooner than the constitutionally alloted 2 years and 8 months left in the term. I’m sure this was prior to the news that came out yesterday, so it can only go lower.


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