Another comparative politics blog!

Thanks to the wonders of the “incoming links” function of Word Press (powered by Technorati), I just became aware of a relatively new blog on the block: Two Weeks Notice. Great name, given that the blogger is Professor Greg Weeks, a political scientist at UNC, Charlotte.

Not only does Weeks increase the still-too-small presence of political science in the blogosphere, but it gets better: Greg’s field is comparative politics, a field shown by Steven Taylor’s Blogging Political Scientists Census to be considerably underrepresented.

Welcome, Professor Weeks!

Oh, and he’s also from San Diego and is a fan of the Padres (otherwise known as the next best thing to being a fan of the Angels).

0 thoughts on “Another comparative politics blog!

  1. Thanks for the plug–I’m starting to get the hang of it, and hope to properly represent my fellow comparativists.

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