WBC umpiring outrage–again

Well, good old Bob Davidson, the umpire who took a run away from Japan in the game with Team USA, just took one away from Team Mexico, with an equally outrageously bad call. He ruled as a ground-rule double a ball that clearly hit the foul pole. In other words, it was a home run. However, this time, justice was served, in that the call cost a run, but not an out. Subsequently the run scored when a base hit drove the runner in from second. While the outcome was just, that does not excuse umpiring incompetence.

What a shame that the WBC is being marred by an umpire who was bad when he was formerly a MLB umpire, and is bad now.

One thought on “WBC umpiring outrage–again

  1. Carlton Fisk would have been standing on second base in the 1975 world series if Bob Davidson was the umpire


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