No, Canada

Despite subjecting team USA to a rather embarassing defeat in their head-to-head matchup, it looks like any hope Canada might have had of advancing is vanishing about as fast as you can say “mercy.” The USA has gotten off to a fast 10-0 lead in the first two innings over South Africa. [It ended, 17-0, called after five.]

It’s hard to say that the Canadian team deserved to advance when it nearly lost to the South African (mostly amateur) squad, nearly blew its 8-0 lead to the USA, and got humiliated by Mexico, 9-1.

Still, I would have thought going in that the Canadian team was stronger than Mexico. It’s too short a series to say that it disconfirmed the expectation, but Mexico played (and especially pitched) a lot better, even holding the USA lineup to only two runs.

Mexico will be the number one seed (and USA number two, barring a dramatic comeback by South Africa), which is a little surprising, but again, it’s too few games to draw much from. That’s why they play the games on the field, and not on paper or on computers.

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