A real head-liner of a finish!

Or, actually, a head-popup. But I’m getting a-head of myself…

Venezuela completed its sweep of the Caribbean Series by beating the Dominican Republic, 5-4. It was a great game, with numerous spectacular defensive plays, which makes it all the more ironic that several of the game’s runs scored because of errors and the game ended on a really bad fielding play.

The D.R. had led the entire game, from the first inning until one out in the ninth. Then Ramon Hernandez, who had singled to start the ninth off Jorge Sosa and advanced to second on a sacrifice by Franklin Gutierrez, came around to score on a single by Alex Gonzalez.

Next up was Henry Blanco, who you might say hit a double-header to win the game. Or should that be a header-double? It was actually a routine popup to shallow left. Erick Aybar, the Dominican shortstop (and top Angel prospect) went back on the ball and lost it. Really lost it. The ball bounced off his head, away from the left fielder, and rolled all the way to the warning track. Gonzalez thus scored the winning run and the Leones were the champs.

From Yahoo, here’s the play:
Aybar's header

Cap tip (so to speak): Rev. More from MLB.com; I tend to agree with the MLB story that it was really the left fielder’s ball, but still, evidently Aybar got under it.

What a way to end a series!

And now it’s back to the void–but only for a little bit.

0 thoughts on “A real head-liner of a finish!

  1. Thanks for the update, F & V. Hope Aybar recovers from his big error in time for spring training. He has an outside chance of making the Angels opening day roster, but I expect him to play shortstop at Salt Lake this coming season. There’s plenty of room for redemption, right?

  2. I don’t expect Aybar to make the roster, but now that I have seen how he keeps his head in the game, I am reassessing.

    Redemption, indeed, always allow room for that!

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