Gore on the constitutional crisis

Al Gore’s speech from January 16 is long, but powerful. Highly recommended. And, no, it is not a coincidence that I read it and am posting it at the very moment when Gore’s opponent in the 2000 case before the Supreme Court is speaking–and on the very day when the vaunted “swing vote” on that Court was replaced with an adherent to the doctrine of executive unilateralism. None of this is a coincidence.

0 thoughts on “Gore on the constitutional crisis

  1. I wouldn’t have necessarily guessed you were a Dem for some reason.

    Must have been the link I followed in.

    I read your mission statement, and I must say that I give as much credit to Th J as Madison.

    Do you think of yourself as a non-Republican Party originalist, by any chance?

    I’m not for PR, by the way.

    Although I’m not against any State handling its House seats this way.

    Blaine Won.


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