Germany: Grand coalition still in doubt?

Actually, I doubt my own headline. I can’t imagine that there is serious doubt that the Bundestag will vote in Angela Merkel as head of a grand coalition this Tuesday. But at EuroTrib, a post today says it is not sure. Unfotunately, the story it links to is in German. So, here is a plea: If anyone reading this reads German, please take a look and post a comment here as to whether this story indeed suggests any serious doubt about Merkel and the grand coalition.

0 thoughts on “Germany: Grand coalition still in doubt?

  1. Here’s the translation…

    Despite a clear vote in favor of the grand coalition at the SPD party meeting, the head of CDU, Angela Merkel, is not likely to get all of the votes of the SPD fraction on Tuesday (note: NOT ALL of the votes). Some SPD members, who don’t want to be named, made remarks that they will not vote for Merkel. Apart from personal reasons, the main reason why they won’t vote for Merkel seems to be the fact, that Wolfgang Thierse got a lot of dissenting votes from the Union (at the election for Bundestags Vice President), eventhough the SPD supported the election of CDU politician Norbert Lammert as President of the Parliament almost in unison.

    Comment Ivo: It’s payback time.

    Merkels majority, however, is unlikely to be endangered. Former SPD Fractionmember Gernot Erler told Sueddeutsche Zeitung: “I assume that Mrs. Merkel will be elected in the first round.” SPD Landes-chief Ludwid Stiegler, Bavaria, expects “that the Fraction will enter this coalition with a clear vote”

  2. Wondering if Prof. Shugart agrees that this “grand coalition,” while not immediately in danger, will most likely collapse relatively soon. How sustainable are grand coalitions, usually?

  3. From what I can tell, the story does indicate some doubt, though whether it is serious or not depends largely on who you ask. An unnamed source in the Social Democrats is hinting that Angela Merkel is not their choice to head a Grand Coalition, but I don’t know exactly how viable a threat that would be (though the article doesn’t seem to take it too seriously, either).

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