PEI referendum backpedalling

I had noted before how the premier of Prince Edward Island appeared to be getting cold feet as the referendum on MMP nears, doing such things as implying turnout would have to reach a certain unspecified threshold at the same time as he takes measures that are sure to discourage turnout. Well, it must be hard to backpedal so fast when your feet are frozen, but that’s what he keeps on doing.

On October 26 Premier Pat Binns decided the proposed new system would need a vote of 60% and also majorities in 60% of districts (there are 27, and .6 would be 16.2, so really that ought to mean 17 districts). This announcement was made on October 26, just over a month before the vote, and long after the government commission that recommended reform also recommended that an islandwide majority be sufficient. A similar 60/60 threshold was used in BC in May, but at least that one was stipulated well in advance by law, and not a month before the vote by executive whim.

Now Binns is already implictly expecting the referendum to be defeated, and is making vague (and hardly credible) comments about a second referendum later on.

(h/t Crawl Across the Ocean and Sinister Thoughts.)

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