A good case FOR Germany’s grand coalition: Federal reform

(Not that I ever had as much negative to say as others.)

The advantage is that the grand coalition will effectively neutralize the veto of the Bundesrat (upper house, representing the state governments). This government will be able to tackle reforms to the center–state distirbution of policy-making powers that a government containing only one of the big parties and lacking a majority in the Bundesrat could not do.

From Saturday (that’s the poster’s handle) on Friday (the day) at Euro Trib:

Federal reform will be the first big reform project of the coming grand coalition.

Saturday goes on to list a series of policy areas in which responsibility would be shifted from national to state level, including education and environment.

I concur with this conclusion:

In my view, this is the most important point that could be made in favour of a grand coalition. The veto rights of the Bundesrat, which have become exceedingly numerous and important in the last three decades, blocked political decision making when Bundestag and Bundesrat had different majorities. Law-making on the most urgent reform projects virtually came to a stand-still in the years before the 1998 elections and, again, before 2005. This week’s agreement is a big step into the right direction.

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