Lychee tree growth flush

These trees don’t grow very fast, so it is pretty exciting when it puts on a growth flush. This is actually its third flush of the year. Each one puts on a few inches, at best. Man, how long till it fruits?

Lychee backlit

In this photo, the tree’s new growth is backlit by the late-afternoon sun on a somewhat foggy day last week.

Compare to my last photo of this tree. Note how much it’s grown in a month!

5 thoughts on “Lychee tree growth flush

  1. Can you explain what a growth flush is? Do most trees grow in spurts? Is this some sort of punctuated equilibrium? Should I be talking about lychee critical junctures that structure fruit quality for generations to come?

  2. Nathan, wow, those are big questions to ponder! (And nothing like one of my lychee posts to draw you out!)

    Most plants grow in flushes–that is, they periodicaly put on growth in the form of new leaves and branches, and then “rest” for a while. I guess the punctuated-equilibrium analogy is pretty good.

    On many plants, the flush is of leaves of a different color, as you see with the lychee. The critical juncture will be when one of these flushes produces flower spikes. Yes, fower spikes.

    But now I am trying to figure out how you posted your question at 1:50 on Oct. 31, while at this moment it is 1:35 on that same date. Spooky, as is appropriate on this day.

  3. As I suspected, F&V is still running on daylight time. We’ll have to contact administration.

  4. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at your reactionary position on clock management. After all, my parents live in Indiana, where a coalition of farmers and drive-in movie operators has for decades stymied any proposals for seasonal time adjustments. Lenin may have been right about farmers…

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