The indictment is not about the war (and that’s the problem)

As Steven Taylor notes, quoting an important passage from Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, this indictment is not about the war.

And, that, among other things, is what is wrong with the criminalization of political accountability.

Of course, the entire issue is the war, and the concentration of executive authority that both brought it about and was reinforced by it. But absent a process of political accountability (such as confidence votes, as I argued in the previous post), we get a focus on narrow issues like who said what to a federal grand jury.

Update (Oct. 30): Arms and Influence (and, in particular, this Salon link provided there) offers some hope that the indictment(s)–or, rather, the process that they will set in motion–could yet shed the light that Congress has thus far refused to shed into the cabal that Cheney headed (or heads).

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