Angels Fight Song

In the comments to an earlier post, Kao Hsien Chih asked about the Angels Fight Song.

Angels are the champions!

The Fight Song was the introductory music for all Angels broadcasts on KMPC, the team’s first flagship and a station Gene Autry owned even before he was awarded the Angels franchise. (Golden West Broadcasting; the original corporate name of the team was Golden West Baseball Club.)

After Autry, and after the broadcasts bounced around from station to station, it fell into disuse. But it was rehabilitated (along with the halo) in 2002. And it blared from the stadium loudspeakers when they clinched the AL pennant (I was there, naturally), and again when they won Game 7 of the World Series (right after the Hallejuah Chorus!—and, yes, for sure, I was there, as I was for Game 6, to see the greatest comeback from the brink of elimination in World Series history).

Fortunately for all long-time Angels fans, the team has brought the song back on the radio. It is, after all, one of the three greatest songs ever written (right up there with “It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game” and, of course, “Take Me Out the the Ball Game.”)

Here is a nice thread about the history of our Fight Song. Stephen Smith asks a question I also have about the song: Does any other major league team have a fight song? I think the answer is no.

And it has words! I never knew that till the day after the Angels clinched their first-ever division championship, in 1979 (I was there that night, of course). KMPC played the version with the lyrics throughout that day in celebration.

So, here you go. The official lyrics to the original Angels Fight Song. Let’s all sign along, and GO HALOS!

California Angels A-O-K!
California Angels all the way!
Hear them shout that you’re the best, clear throughout the golden west
Watch ’em play, night and day, Keep the crowds in the clouds!

California Angels, Win that game!!
California Angels, Win that fame!!
Everybody blow your horn!
With the Halo we adorn the California Angels team!


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  2. OK, I know this is a F & V golden oldie, but I think this is timely. I remembered that the Hartford Whalers had their own fight song. It was called Brass Bonanza aka The Hartford Whalers Victory March. Back when the team played in Hartford they would play it when the team took the ice at the beginning of each period and after each goal. I remember listening to a game once years ago when the announcer for either the LA Kings or the San Diego Mariners threw a fit over the air after the song was played again and again when either the Kings or Mariners were trounced by Hartford.

    Like the Angels, the song went into hibernation after the Whalers moved to Raliegh NC in 1997. Also like the Angels in 2002, the now Carolina Hurricanes started using Brass Bonanza again this season. The Hurricanes lead the Stanley Cup finals 1-0 going into tonight’s game. There must something about teams that have their own fight songs!

    If you want to hear Brass Bonanza, check out Yes, a website dedicated to a team fight song! It looks like you need a realplayer to play the song.

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