NL Mediocrity Showdown, Part 1

Befitting a late-September showdown series for a postseason berth, the Padres (77-78 coming into the game) and the Giants (74-82, four games back) played a thriller last night in the city by the bay—San Diego Bay, that is.

With two out and one on in the ninth, and Trevor Hoffman on the brink of converting his 39th straight save opportunity, Randy Winn hit one deep to center. The center fielder, Brian Giles (of all people), got a glove on it, preventing a homer. For a moment it looked like a sensational catch that would have put the Padres one win in this series away from clinching the NL Mediocrity Division title. But Giles could not hold it, and it went for a game-tying triple. Hoffman had his first blown save since April, and Winn would score on a single before the inning was over.

Just like that, with 2 out in the top of the ninth, a Padres 2-1 lead became a Giants 3-2 lead, and so it would stand. The Padres have clinched nothing, but the division has clinched having the worst ever record for any division champion.

The Padres, at 77-79, still have a 3-game lead with six to play, despite the ninth best record in the NL.

Well, it was a great game, even if this doesn’t exactly qualify as a great race.

0 thoughts on “NL Mediocrity Showdown, Part 1

  1. I hadn’t noticed this. Here the Crew might be able to finish at or above .500 and still no better than third behind the Cards and Astros. Sometimes the divisional setup has anomalies.

  2. It sure does. Kind of like single-seat district legislative representation. OK, I now sense a blog post coming on, linking baseball and electoral systems (!). But probably not today, alas.

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