Mediocrity Watch: Your Padres

Back on August 23, I lamented the possibility that the Padres might win the National League West with a sub-.500 record, and that even if they wound up above .500 at the end of the season, they were going to have a worse record than several teams that would miss the postseason.

Well here we are with 7 games to go, and the Padres record?


This is worse than the Washington Nationals, now in fifth (last) place in the NL East, 11 games out (78-78). It is the same record as the mighty Milwaukee Brewers, who are 19 out in the Central. The wild-card leader, Houston, is currently at 85-71, clinging to a 1-game lead over the Phillies. One of those two teams will miss out, as will the Florida Marlins (80-76) and the NY Mets (78-77).

The only way this NL West situation gets interesting is if the Giants, currently 4 out with a 73-82 record, sweep the 4-game series starting tonight in San Diego.

The Padres have to go 6-1 to avoid going into the playoffs with the worst record in baseball history of any team that ever saw postseason play.

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