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Interesting review of tropical fruits here, reporting on the poster’s recent trip to Asia.

Some of these fruits can be grown here at Ladera Frutal, and I have a lychee tree that I just planted earlier this year. It is growing well (for a lychee, which tends to be very slow-growing, at least in subtropical areas like here). One day, I hope my tree looks like this photo!

Jackfruits are one of my favorites. I have seen a tree in El Cajon, east of San Diego, loaded with fruit. My conditions here might be just a bit too cold for them, however. Here is a photo that shows the scale of these incredible fruits.

Dragon fruit has actually become somewhat a sensation lately. I have even seen soft drinks with Dragon fruit flavor.

0 thoughts on “Back to fruit

  1. Lychees are my favorite fruit; you have made a good choice!

    What the review calls “sugar apples” are called something like “Buddha’s Crown” in Taiwan, so named after the bumpy texture on the rind that looks like the (Indian) Buddha’s headdress. Now they have also developed a variety called “pineapple Buddha’s crown,” which is a little sweeter and firmer. It is also a little less bumpy, looking more like a cloth pulled over a pineapple.

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